Oh Vienna

Just back from a wonderful short break in Vienna. What a magnificent city, definitely a city of emperors and kings. Despite having been there 25 years ago – yes, literally, I was only 2 years old at the time (ahem…) – I was majorly impressed by the scale of Vienna’s architecture. Such high houses, palatial, baroque, grand, I had forgotten it was so big. Dear dirty Dublin is a mere village… “second city of the Empire” my arse… So you can expect to be inundated with impressions of Vienna in the next while. Cos while there, I took plenty of pictures – and visited three fabulous photo exhibitions which I intend to review on the blog, too.
“Booty” – three exhibitions in Vienna
This is how things go nowadays. I go on holidays or short breaks somewhere, and instead of looking at the sights I go and see photography exhibitions. I used to be very pushed about properly “doing” all the sights and getting an in-depth feel of the place I was visiting. No holiday was worth-while if there wasn’t a museum-a-day on the programme. Photography has changed that. Well, or maybe it is only old age – I am quite happy to forgo museum and castle visits, even ignore the history section in the guidebook and instead just wander around with the camera and explore the place through the lens.
I still like to look at exhibitions, however, and my first port of call when organising a holiday programme is Google for an overview over what is on. On this occasion I was in big, big luck. Vienna was hosting a Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition entitled “The Compass in the Eye”, featuring images from Cartier-Bresson’s travels in the US, Russia and India. This had top priority for me. – Then there was an equally interesting exhibition on fashion photography called “Vanity” with exhibits from fashion photographer C.F. Gundlach’s private collection. Checked. And finally, accompanying “Vanity” was another photo exhibition in the same venue entitled “No fashion please” with photographs from newcomers.
Needless to say I got my priorities not only right but also done – I saw all three exhibitions and was thrilled with myself. Ahem. And I managed to take some lovely images of Vienna as well, as there was a good bit of walking done while there. All that remains is to post-produce them. *yawn*

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