Photography Testimonial Part 5

Once on SLR, there is no going back. The quality of the images as much as the possibilities of settings spoil you for any other camera. And I am saying that even though I had not really used manual settings until then. A long-distance holiday in China gave me the excuse to buy my first digital SLR camera: the Canon eos 350d.
This is the view of the Bund, Shanghai’s old promenade on the riverfront. The picture was taken – much to the embarrassment of my accompanying friends – from the balcony of “M – The Glamour Bar”. The bar was interesting, too, especially as I rarely go into establishments that call themselves glamorous, but this is definitely the place to go for a cool bar and a great view. Too great to be missed due to silly embarrassments ;-).
Digital changed everything for me. Because of the instant nature of digital photography, I was able to shoot and shoot and learn and learn. No waiting for development involved, no extra costs. For a long time, however, I stayed safely with the automatic settings. I eventually ventured out to half-automatic, using the Av and Tv settings to guide me. With the help of a photo course, however, I finally understood how to operate the settings manually – and there was no holding me back. DoF experiments, slow syncing, night shots, long exposure… Together with a friend who is equally photography-mad I set up our own photogroup and went on regular shoots which we afterwards critiqued and reviewed together. We organised our own private showing of our photo project and we continue to work together.

I am sure there is still more that I don’t know than what I do know about “painting with light”. And the fact that I eventually progressed onto semi-professional equipment and am hoping to receive a degree in photography this summer does not mean that my education has finished. With the constant advances in technology – both in terms of cameras and digital post-production – there will always be something else to learn. And if there is one thing I love about photography, it is, that it allows you to look at the world from a different perspective every day.

Any Comments?

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