Photography Testimonial Part 4

The sad demise of my Pentax compact gave me the opportunity to progress to more sophisticated photographic equipment. I finally got an SLR – in exchange for my old car – in 2001. The Canon eos 500 made me a Canon-girl. I had lots of opportunity to shoot take pictures of my children, take snaps on holidays and get into macro photography. The 35mm to 80mm lens which came with it provided me with everything an amateur needs. I subsequently documented the flower growing business of my friend and even produced lots of cards for sale with my images of flowers. 
My SLR gave me more confidence when taking pictures. I started experimenting more but basically always stayed with the automatic settings as they seemed to do everything right.  At the same time, digital photography was becoming available to the amateur market. I had slightly missed the boat when I invested in my analogue SLR and so had to make use of it for a while until I could afford to finally buy a much coveted digital SLR.
Follow me on the last big leap then, to my first digital SLR in the next instalment of 2picsaweek. The rest is – history 😉

Any Comments?

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