Photography Testimonial Part 3

Photo technology was getting more sophisticated in the 80s. And so was I. The first compact cameras came in, and I was at the forefront with my Pentax Espio 115. This was a rather heavy, but therefore sturdy camera with an inbuilt flash and – a motorised zoom! 38mm to 115mm meant that you could take nice macros. I read the manual back to back (forgot all about the manual settings) but learnt that if photographing people, as a rule of thumb one should always get them as big into the picture as possible. 
The Pentax certainly was the one that really set me on my way to photography. I started arranging little still lifes for table top shoots – just for the fun of it. I enjoyed several years of photographing with it and was always happy with the quality of the images. A large number of B/W photos made it into my college thesis in the mid-90s. 
The Horseshoe 1996
Then it sadly fell on the floor and smashed.
What happened next? Find out in Part 4 of the Photography Testimonial :-).

Any Comments?

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