Photography Testimonial Part 2

Still reminiscing here about my path into photography and the pieces of equipment that sent me on my way. In hindsight, they really were not the greatest stuff at all. Some credit goes to my dad who was always interested in photography himself, snapping away and recording everything for posterity. From the 1970s onwards he shot everything on slide film – which was regarded as a nuisance by photographic nimwits like my mother and myself who were disappointed that the slides were not instantly accessible in the same way that a photoalbum is. My father, however, knew, that the best quality pictures you could only shoot on positive film…
But I digress. My approach to photography seemed to get better when my dad handed me down his Revue Automatic Camera when he bought himself a Minolta SLR in about 1984. The Revue 400S was a fixed-lens rangefinder with only a couple of manual options – portrait or landscape anyone? – and it was built for the photographic department German mailorder store Quelle. (See an image of the 400S here.) The Revue accompanied me on my first holiday to Ireland. I snapped away and got some decent pictures as a result.
Fanad Head, Co. Donegal
This was the first time that I realized how satisfying it was to take pictures – not to simply point the magic eye somewhere and push a button, but to think about the composition. What did I want to have in the image? Could I frame a view nicely with a few branches from a tree above? How would I get a sunset transferred onto film?  I remember taking pictures from my attic window just to try out.
Follow me making the leap to my first *new* camera in the next instalment of my Photography Testimonial…

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