Ready to Start

Happy new year, everyone. All well? All poised for 2012? A fresh start is always nice, isn’t it? And if you are a history head like myself, it also is an occasion to look back – which I intend to do over the next few posts.
Where does this sentimentality come from? Sudden realisation that I am old and withered? Impending old age and death before my eyes? No. Rather, I came across a piece of paper while perusing some old photo albums back home over Christmas. That sent me on a trip down memory lane…
This is a birthday wishlist for my 8th birthday which occurred in 1977 *arrrrrrgh* (f*ck, I am old). Sorry, it is in German (yours truly had not started her love affair with the English language back then), but you may nonetheless surmise what the top wish was?! A “Fotoapparat” – a camera, also illustrated top left. What a sweet discovery this wish list was for me! To find corroborated my love for photography back then… It almost seems like an authorization of my present occupation.
So, photography has always been something that I was interested in. My first camera was my mum’s old 35mm camera (no SLR) from the 1960s that produced rather dull pictures. (Or was it me who produced the dull pictures?) That was the camera I was given as a response to above wish list. In the late 70s I was given an Agfa Pocketcamera. Those cameras were then sold as practical easy cameras. The film was transported by squeezing the camera together. There were no settings, just one little red button to push. The attractive sound it produced when transporting the film certainly spurned me on to take pictures. But back then, developing film was expensive – and my parents did not exactly encourage taking unnecessary pictures.
Let’s draw the veil of blindness over the resulting pictures. They are nothing to write home about. What was important was, that a flame had been ignited, the love for photography started. Little did I know where this was eventually leading… Well, I still don’t know where it will lead me, ultimately. Who does? What matters is that photography still gives me immense pleasure. And I hope it will stay like that for the next year, too. Hugs and wishes to all of you!

Any Comments?

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