Happy Christmas, Everyone!

It’s the day before the big day. Well, for us of the German persuasion it is the big day tomorrow, with the main present exchange happening on the 24th of December. I have travelled back to the Fazerland to celebrate with my Teutonic family. 
The camera is at the ready – to capture happy children and bewildered grown-ups while unwrapping presents, stuffing their faces with food, rolling going on digestive walks every once in a while and meeting relatives. Will these images ever see the light of day again? I have noticed that my collected Christmas pictures 2007 – 2011 have only once left the digital realm, when I produced a Christmas photo album, in 2008. 
I have the slight little hope that my course in large format photography will already have left a mark on me  in the sense that I am less trigger-happy these days and limit myself to fewer photos than before. Maybe there is the first resolution for 2012: To edit ruthlessly but to print generously. Because photos that only exist virtually are as good bad as unseen photos. 
Wishing you all a very happy Christmas – if you have any hopes, dreams and wishes, I hope they will come true for you.
Lots of love,
S. xxx

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