You would think that with an exhibition happening there’s much to talk about in my blog. And there is. But there was also the need for a break and a breather. So please excuse the one week silence, which I intend to make up for this week.
My penultimate semester is over and it ended with a splash: Last Thursday was my college’s annual Christmas exhibition which is organised for third year  students and acts as a dress rehearsal for the big final show which is going to happen in June 2012. Participation in the Christmas show was obligatory – it is part of the mark for one of my courses in college.
It was again a majorly interesting and enjoyable experience to take part in a group exhibition. Without sounding blasé about it, I am becoming an old hand at it, too. This is the fourth self-organised group show that I have participated in, with Farmleigh’s Cowshed Theatre in 2010, La Catedral in May 2011 and Filmbase in June 2011. And yet there was a bit more pressure here than in other shows because we were being graded on our participation here.
I arrived early(ish) on Thursday morning to get the hanging of my images over and done with. I had chosen and printed six images of my lighthouse series from the Large Format class. They had been framed in wooden frames, as a nod to antique large format cameras which would have been made from dark wood back then. The difficulty of my particular edit was, that I insisted on including my favourite image, which was landscape format, while all other images are portrait orientation. With the help of my lecturer, photographer Michael Durand, I actually decided to axe one more of the chosen six and in the end had five images on display. Here is a rare picture of the photographer with her work…
More interesting than that picture of awkwardness is the little timelapse I filmed of the actual hanging. Three hours of exact measuring, wobbling on a step ladder and millimetre-moving of frames. All condensed into 17 seconds of time-lapse. And yet, this is more telling of an exhibition set-up than any essay I could write about it…
The exhibition itself was fun – lots of people there, and best of all: lots of my non-college friends showing up to have a look at what we produced and lending me/us support that way. Whether I sell something or not – that is what makes an exhibition worth while for me! So with this experience under my belt, I am beginning to look forward to the big one next summer.

Any Comments?

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