Better Late Than Never

No, that title does not refer to the day and time I am getting to write this update. It refers to the fact that I really do not appreciate finding out essential facts late down the line… Mind you: better late than never. But this, again, does not just apply to last night’s proposal near-rejection, but also to the revelation that my negatives are NOT up to scratch.
Or rather: They are. Scratched. Literally. But that is not the worst thing about them. They are simply over-exposed. Well, possibly. Maybe not. It is quite hard to tell with negatives how good they have come out and I have gone down the line of panicking unnecessarily before when I thought my negs were far too light – yet when printing them, they turned out fine. This is it:
4×5″ negative
The lighthouse on the West pier in Dun Laoghaire harbour. Well – you might remember it from last week. I shot this with the 4×5 camera at a wide aperture of f5.6 and 1/250 of a second. I played a little bit with the camera movements because I didn’t want just a clean, clear, predictable shot of a lighthouse. So the focus deliberately is off the light and onto the door of the lighthouse. This was achieved by tilting the back of the camera backwards. I actually also used a back fall because I needed to get a bit more of the base of the lighthouse in the image.
I do like the overall aesthetic effect (not taking into account the possible over-exposure) – the falling off of anything above and below the door. It kind of adds a sense of vertigo to the image – the lighthouse is swaying in a storm, going to fall over any second. Rather contradictory to the usual image of the lighthouse as a proverbial rock in the ocean. 
On that note: Lighthouses have been photographed a million times. Yeeees, I know, my project is extreeeeemely original. *um* But therefore: Anyone have any suggestion on other famous or interesting lighthouse images? I need to find a different angle on this whole thing, because a collection of phallic edifices apparently is not going to cut the mustard with college. Bit late, finding THAT out. But hey, better later than NEVER!!!

Any Comments?

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