Is It That Time of Year Again?

I know you don’t want to hear about it. Neither do I really. It is far too early to think about Christmas. *eeeeeeek* There you have it. I have used the C-word. And yet, planning is everything when it comes to Christmas. And think about it – we, as photographers, have a whole host of potential Chrimbo pressies at our fingertips.
Is that too gloomy for a calendar cover?
Ok, I admit, not everyone wants to have a artsy-fartsy print of a deserted carpark in a Mid-Western industrial estate on their wall. But there’s so many great things you can do with photographs which even non-visual people will appreciate. Mousepads, t-shirts, mugs – all adorned. Hey, I have even seen a site somewhere where you can have your image of choice printed on a pair of flipflops. Great – just imagine: Your mum and dad on left and right sole respectively. Well, not a joke for everyone. I guess, you could – quite literally – put your foot in it.
So for the slightly more conventional gift-bearing photographer, maybe a personalised calendar is the way to go? I make them every year and give them to my folks. Always to much success. Yeah right, I know, they are my parents, of course they love everything I do. But hey, you’ve got to choose wisely who you give your hand-made, once-off pressies to! Mind you, I have been dithering and fuseling and postponing sending off that final order for several weeks now. But today it is going out!

One thought on “Is It That Time of Year Again?

  1. coffee in a cup

    i'm doing personalized calendars too! but, i do them the 'old fashioned' way; i buy an 'empty' calendar, get the photos printed and then add each one using a double sided photo tape. finally, i write comments 🙂



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