Furthermore to my post from Saturday – I have calmed down a bit and am feeling a little bit more positive about my negatives. Hehe. No, seriously – the initial reaction was a bit disappointed. The negatives turned out scratched, blotchy in places, some foggy. But maybe that was all premature. After all, you will only see your image properly when you have printed it.
That was my intention at the weekend. I was so looking forward to stepping into my own darkroom in my basement and make a few contact prints. Well, I was pushing it, thinking that the chemicals that I had last used pretty much exactly two years ago were still fine. No can do! The developer, when I poured it into a measuring jug, were a lovely coffee-colour. As far away from the clear liquid that you bathe your exposed paper in as it could be. No printing for me, then.
But hold on – this is the digital age, and a preliminary view can be gained from scanning and inverting the negs. So that’s what I did. And it appears as if at least the photography is largely fine. And just for the fun of it I have made a little gif of it *winkwink*.
gif make

If you look closely you can see some kind of fogging or blotching at the top left corner. To determine, where that comes from, is now the next step. Any ideas? Let me know.

Any Comments?

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