Christmas Comes Early

The first day of October. Autumn has hit Ireland with a vengeance. After a last and late bloom last week where we had temperatures of 25,5 degrees – apparently the hottest day of 2011 *you’vegottolaughevenwiththesheerdesperationofitall* – the temperatures have fallen by ten degrees and we have rain bucketting down, to boot. Yes, boots would be quite useful, too. I donned them today to nip into town through the pissing torrential rain. And then I was stopped dead in my tracks: The first Christmas stock is in the shops. *graaaaaaaaaaaaaaah*
Is it really that time of year already? Do we need to be thinking about making Christmas cards? To tell you the truth, I had already been thinking about Christmas cards way back in July. I had been asked by an Irish charity to supply a range of photographs with Christmassy themes for them to choose one for their Christmas card project. I can tell you – it was not that easy coming up with images. Not only was I really not in the frame of mind for holly berries in snow and close-ups of baubles-on-tree, but I also was in between computers at the time and had trouble accessing my archive. Luckily it had snowed so much in December and January last, that I did find something in my recent work. 
Anyway, Christmas comes earlier than you think, and therefore it may actually be a good opportunity to start thinking about these things now. Get it out of the way and get ready for what the Americans euphemistically call the “holiday season”. But for now, greetings from rainy season…

Any Comments?

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