A New Beginning

Shoot, that didn’t help at all! Just back from my info meeting in college. Yes, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. I could feel every single day of the last four months in my tender buttocks muscles (let’s keep this clean, Sonja!) when I swung back onto the bike tonight. And boy, what an evening to brave the roads and cycle those two kilometers over to Griffith. Hurricane Katia was playing with us. There were a few gusts of wind here that caught me side-on and I had to hold on to dear life… or rather: my bike in order to stay upright and not end up under a bus. Anyway, that’s beside the point – the info evening is.
I had gone in thinking that my preliminary choices would be confirmed. Well, here is the deal: One last year in college, two semesters, four elective subjects to choose from. The list consists of Action Photography, People Photography, Large Format Photography and Video Production. My initial reaction was: “F*ck off action photography – that’s got to be sports pictures. Boring, don’t want that, don’t like that.” Great, one choice less on the list. People photography? Bah, have done that often enough. Don’t really want any more projects of that sort. Unless they teach more lighting stuff in this. But nah, not interested. Large Format? Yes, pleeeeeeeeease – probably my one and only chance to ever get my hands on a large format camera and play with it. I love the crafty aspect of film photography and can’t wait to do some chemical stuff again ;-). Plus, all very good for slowing down and getting the picture right with just one shot. There is an architectural photography project I have up my sleeve that would suit this. And even my current Revisiting Dubliners project might benefit from some large format attention.
Capel Street 1996 – 2011
Video Production? Honestly: not my cup of tea. BUT: I do happen to have a camera, that is increasingly being used in the film industry to shoot parts of films. Marky Mark was used for scenes in “Captain America”. Heck, they even filmed a whole episode of “House” with it. And why am I subscribed to Philip Bloom, anyway??? Yes, it would push me (I can see a nightmare scenario involving editing software…), but then anything non-pushy is booooring. In short: I had it sussed in my head: Large Format and Video Production – something analog and unusual, and something challenging and practical.
Anyhow, those were my preliminary deliberations. And the meeting actually resulted in the opposite of the desired outcome. I am less clear on what I want to do than ever. It turns out that both terms Action and People Photography are used very broadly:
People photography may include any project as long as it has people in it. Studio, outdoor, street, portrait, photo essay, what ever shape or form you want your project to take. A self-portrait will be one graded excercise. It’s been a year since I last experimented with my own form (apart from that day when I cut my own hair. But *um*, that probably doesn’t belong in this context…), so I wouldn’t mind some self-centred, egotistical exploration of self and image (ah, am getting into the discourse of photography already…)
Action photography, on the other hand, is also not confined to sports. Here it is any movement. Band shots, dance companies. But also street photography. And most annoyingly: light trails and night photography. *G-raaaaaaaaaaaaaaah* I groaned inwardly when I heard that. These are ideas I have been working on over the summer. As early as March I had been thinking about catching plane trails. In June I did some experiments with slow shutter speeds while driving in a car, catching the passing lights etc. And now it turns out that these projects could possibly be done in that elective subject???
What am I confused for, you ask? Well, the class is taught by one of my favourite lecturers. But he expects a lot. A LOT! “Pushy” is not even near! However, that is also a guarantee that I will learn lots in this class. Plus, he is promising to also go over the use of fill flash etc. in this module. And I so need that.
I really can’t make up my mind. Will you help me? Come on – if you have made it this far, you might as well click on the following poll and cast your vote. Pur-lease!!
Which electives would you choose if you were me? (Please pick two from the following.)
Action Photography
Large Format Photography
People Photography
Video Production

Free poll maker

Ok, would be lovely to gauge your thoughts on this. I have to make my decision by October 4th. Any thoughts? All welcome!!

PS: *um* – does this poll thing actually work? Have a nasty feeling it comes up as a “bad request”. Go on, you dirty thing, don’t be bad, be good! In that case, maybe this link works? My poll.

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