Twenty to 9 am on a weekend morning. I am sitting in a car park outside a suburban Dublin shopping centre. What in anyone’s right mind would bring them out that early and to such a desolate place??? Work – is the only answer.

Today I am doing a paid for photography job. It’s only the second time I am doing one of those. I have assisted countless times at this stage – but those were always goodwill jobs for friends. Not that I mind – it is always fun to do photography, being paid for it is only a bonus.

However, here I have bagged a real job that is paid. The only problem: It has less to do with photography than I thought. I am one of two photographers who take part in a promotion roadshow for a large toothpaste manufacturer. Supposedly we are ahooting smiles for them. Smiles, teeth, photos, see? All very well and I can use some people photography skills. But it turns out that photography here consists of placing our willing victims, basically unsuspecting shoppers in this mall, in front of a green screen and then doing a mouseclick on a laptop. We are shooting tethered. And the camera ( a Canon 550d) is mounted on tripod and set to automatic… Well, no further comment.

It’ll be a long day, 8 hours on my feet, so I guess that will be my biggest challenge. Right, I better go now and see what the day will bring. Keep smiling, Sonja, it increases your face value!

Location:Fonthill Rd,,Ireland

Any Comments?

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