I am thinking about patterns at the moment. The reason being that my favourite user-generated magazine, deinblick, has just put on another photo competition again. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have heard of that mag before, because I regularly read, contribute and help with the mag myself. The idea is really simple: A topic is chosen by the editors for every edition. Readers are then asked to submit articles, artwork and photographs that are related to the topic. You can see for yourself here.
Anyhow, patterns is the current topic. I have already sent in a couple of pics and am currently looking through my archive for more stuff that would suit the theme.
Here is a surreal one. Seriously, the longer I look at this, the more my head is spinning. The perspective really sucks you in, doesn’t it? There is a slight Escher’esque quality to this, or maybe more Victor Vasarely, with those dark blocks sitting slightly beside the lighter ones. Can you guess what this is?
You won’t know the place but you probably have figured out that this is a row of columns seen from under a colonnade. Or rather, it is the shadow of the columns against the wall of a temple. It was the afternoon and the sun was kind of low. The temple is the “Walhalla”, a kind of 19th century rock’n’roll hall of fame in the South of Germany. Inside it contains the busts of such luminaries as Copernicus, the original drummer of famous band “The Ptolemaics”, punk producer Wolfgang “Godless” Mozart, Peter Paul Rubens (pop art painter, most famous for his “rude nudes”), Otto von Bismarck (promoter and impresario of world-famous metal heavy-weights “Dreadnought William “), and Albert Einstein, who rocked the industry with his revolutionary amplifier EMC2 in 1911) among others.
Don’t quote me on this, though.
Anyhow – I’d love to see the deinblick competition flourish, so please go check out their upload page  or their Facebook fanpage and submit something of your own. And if you do, please let me know you did – leave me a comment with a link to your image or something like that. Good luck with that!

Any Comments?

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