Comfort Zone

While in Germany the other day, I practiced a bit of Street Photography.
“People should feel great. For a social revolution.”
*teehee* I captured lots of “street” with marky Mark because some enterprising sprayer had been rather busy on this path along the river Weser. This is actually in the city of Bremen in the North of Germany. Home of Bundesliga soccer team Werder Bremen (which probably means something to the male readers of this blog – as I have found out countless times when explaining where I am from). The Werder home pitch was actually just behind from where I was taking this shot.
But back to photography. I have been thinking hard these days, which type of photographer I am. I am most definitely not a wedding photographer. The pressure of producing the shots of a lifetime – well, from the couple’s point of view – would just be too much for me. And while I really enjoy interacting with people, I cannot imagine it being very pleasant having to run after all and sundry to organise shots and place people etc. So wedding photography is most definitely off my list. – Product photography was something I really enjoyed when not working on it alone. I loved the experiment in college where the whole group had to produce a shot together. The diligent set-up, the lighting, the slow process really appealed to me. But when I had to do it on my own, it kind of went pear-shaped. Well, maybe that was due to the object I had chosen to photograph (the iPhone), I don’t know. 
Surprisingly I really find myself enjoying fashion photography. I have assisted on several shoots over the past year and found each and every one fascinating. Partly because you are working with professional models who know how to move. You hardly have to give them instructions – they will offer the poses themselves. And because it is their job they do not feel or look awkward. I wouldn’t enjoy it very much in a studio setting, but location shoots really did it for me. Because you can create a story, a scene, a context for the shot – and that I found very creative and inspiring. 
What I shoot most, however, could probably be classed as documentary-style photography. I tend to document my surroundings all the time. Whether it is the way to the cinema, my house or any other location that catches my eye – I like to snap it and preserve it for posterity. There is so much fun in that – I love that it is mostly done with daylight and no awkward flashes and lighting set-ups are necessary. But does it really challenge me?? No, probably not, because it is increasingly a bit like holiday snapping. There is no guiding project or principle in it. 
Maybe I need to push myself a bit more in the fields that I do not seem to be so interested in – do more studio work, portraying people. Practice some nudes. Do people photography on the streets, which involves communicating with my subjects to get their permission. Leaving the comfort zone…

Any Comments?

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