Past Project

The past is my project and my future will be taken up, matching the past with the present. Confused? Simple: I am currently working on a possible final project for college, the one that I introduced here about a month ago. I am very taken with it, because I loooove looking at the past, old history head that I am.
So I have been skulking around the city, trying to find all those spots that I took photos of back in 1996. While I think my idea is valid not only on a personal level, i.e. revisiting a past interest of mine and comparing my photographic skills back then (= none) to my skills now (= pretending to have some but still just fumbling through), but also as a general interest (matching pre-boom Dublin with deeply depressed Dublin), I am encountering some difficulties with this project.
Capel Street 1996 – 2011
This is one of the more expressive shots I have taken so far. You see, the trouble is: When I went around in 1996 to shoot for my pretentious thesis, I did so with the guiding principle that I was trying to show the Dublin places as closely resembling what Joyce would have seen in 1904 as possible. That meant I avoided references to the then-present in my images. Now that works against my favour. Because my focus has shifted: Now I want to show how the present in 1996 compares with the present in 2011. But without any reference to the 1996 present, how can there be any comparison?
Thank Cod I took so many pictures back then. Sure I will be able to rustle up 5 worthy examples. This may be one of them. I so prefer the Horseshoe to the garish ethnic shop of 2011.

Any Comments?

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