Never stop

You never stop learning, that is. I had thought I was really clever, buying myself a variable ND filter. Rather than having a set of filters with a particular ND value, I have a filter wheel, i.e. two glass disks which you adjust by counter-rotating until you get the desired value. So, one filter will do it all. Except it doesn’t tell you on the rings which value you have adjusted it to and therefore you can’t really work out exposure time.
Well, you can, of course, by trial and error. And luckily it didn’t really take me that long to get a half decent shot out of it. I was only passing time, anyway, sitting outside Bremen airport – huge international hub that it is… – amusing myself with photography.
Yeah, nothing to get excited about, but at least I made use of it and tried it out. It will come into use a bit more soon for one of my projects. I need to go down and take some pictures of Dublin sights. And if I want to avoid getting all those superfluous passers-by and tourists into the shots, yet do not want to skulk around the North inner city at half past 6 in the morning, I need to get a long exposure going.
f18, 24″
This pic actually had a whole flock of crows flying around the tree and some ducks on a lake (which I have mercilessly cropped out of the image). Unnecessary and gone – as are the flags, almost. The white thing in the centre of the pic is a ghostly (ghastly???) fountain. I exposed this for 24 seconds to get enough light through the filter. Dying to try this on architecture shots now.

Any Comments?

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