On the go

Right, people, I am so frigging bored, I am actually *working* at the weekend. I am off to the fazerland for a few days. While I generally enjoy travelling – that is: being in foreign places, away from home – air travel post-9/11 really annoys me. Sitting at airports because you have to be there early, stressed out people around you, and yours truly often suffering from nicotine withdrawal symptoms due to lack of smoking areas.

Usually when I am bored, I pull out marky Mark and shoot away. Nothing better to replace boredom than photography. Well, but “shooting” isn’t exactly encouraged at the airport…

There is one thing, however, I always look forward to when travelling. I have this little ritual that I will treat myself to a photography mag when travelling. Serves various purposes:
1. Reading passes the time.
2. Learning tips and tricks from the mag and general inspiration.
3. Carrying photo mag under one arm has great show-off potential.

Right, you got me. Of course point number 3 is the one that counts for me. I love to see the change of looks on people’s faces from thinking “a middle-aged battleaxe” to “a cool middle-aged battleaxe”. Ha! I wish!

Seriously now, I do buy mags every time and today it is an English mag called Digital Photographer. Bloody € 7.50. Why are these mags so expensive, can someone explain that to me? A big favourite of mine is Black & White Photography. Which ones are you reading? Any recommendations?

Ooops, my gate closes in 25 minutes. I better head now. But great, I have passed the time. Tschüß, guys, see ya soon!

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Location:Swords Rd,,Ireland

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