570 pics is a rather modest booty. That’s all that I shot on my holidays. Holidays, you would think, are the ideal time to do nothing but photograph. And yes, I would like to do that, but unfortunately you cannot take a holiday from being a mother, a girlfriend, a fellow traveller, and thus my duties are never fully given up when on vacation. Well, that is my excuse for not coming back with more images. So far I have only imported my images from CF onto HD, have had a quick scan over them and identified the few interesting ones that I might post-process and show.
One of the things I have been keen on experimenting with was some star trail photography – some pretty cool examples of which I saw in some of my friends’ portfolios. You would have thought that a holiday in a chateau  au bout du monde (at the arse-end of nowhere) of the Languedoc would have been the perfect place for such. No light spill, clear skies, warm nights. Well, FAIL! France is pretty well-lit, the skies decided to cloud over day and night and it was a chilling 24 degrees there, most of the time.
The best I could come up with was one night when I finally set up my makeshift-tripod and pointed the camera up at the roof. The stars did not shine for me, but I caught the full moon in a gap between the clouds. You can see them drifting in my image – the exposure time was 99 seconds, a gut-feeling manually released shutter speed – you can even make out the moon moving a bit.
Feeling like a papparazza: the stars have eluded me again.

Any Comments?

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