Exhibition Hopping – FourFloors

What’s the best thing about taking part in exhibitions? Being invited to the opening night. Well, actually – opening nights are not just open to the participating artists. Anyone can go (unless it is super exclusive). And anyone can partake in the customary glass of wine on offer. Yes, certainly one of the attractions of opening nights. Depending on the quality of wine, of course. Never mind the quality of the art *haha*.
Seriously now: FourFloors is officially opened tonight. It takes place in MadArt Gallery on Gardiner Street. As the title of the show suggests, there are four floor-loads of photography on view. There is a group show entitled “Exposure v2.0” on the first floor, the De Look Photography Studio on the second, a digital art show on the third and finally “The Prism” surrealistic visions on the fourth floor. A variety of styles and contents on show in the beautiful surroundings of an old Georgian building just opposite the Custom House.
A number of my classmates from the 2nd year in the Griffith College BA in Photographic Media are represented in Exposure v2.0, including myself. (And I am on holiday. Oh no, I can’t believe I am missing this! Bummer!) Well, the wine will be gone, but I will be dropping in soon after my return and check out the offerings sans vin. It should still be worth while. But I would still urge you to look in tonight. The opening starts at 6 pm. Au revoir
56 Lower Gardiner St
Dublin 1

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