Accidents and Compliments

I love accidents. I wish I could say they weren’t accidents, but they were intended experiments. Something I had deliberately planned to do and executed accordingly. However, once an accident shows an interesting result, they can be replicated and become intended artistic (um…) statements. Like this one:
Ready to rock
This happened to me today. I was in the garden, taking a picture of something I had just made for my other blog. Essentially I pulled my iPhone out of my bum pocket and accidentally released the shutter. The movement was so fast (watch out, Pale Rider, I am the fastest puller East of the West!), the background was blurred and shows the direction I was pulling the iPhone to.
I have lately gotten into blurriness. My recent experiments with traffic images were already an indication. Blurriness suggests the vague, the notion of the fleeting moment, the quick passing of time, the impossibility of halting time. As such it goes against the conventional view of photography as a record of a given moment in time – documenting in all detail a scene, a sight, a situation. 
Blurriness leaves room for interpretation. Because the objects are out of focus and unsharp, they can not be made out clearly. And they could take on a meaning that they would not possess if they were seen in sharp detail. 
All a bit theoretical? So be it – as anything you see in art, in photography, it is highly subjective. The image above appeals to me for various other reasons, not just my attempt at intellectualising it. Colour plays a major role in my appraisal of images – and I love the fresh green and the bright red in this image. I love how the green and the beige become a gradient mixture on the left of the pic while the right hand side of the image show clearer demarkation of the colours. I like the way the picture is split in half – you can make out what is depicted on the right while the left is all vague. And I love how the movement has produced soft curves. 
A happy accident – and lots of self-complimentary talk. Well, the devil always shits defecates onto the biggest pile, as we say in German…

Any Comments?

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