Homeless Gallery

Despite my advertising for Homeless Gallery (in my little “notice panel” on the left), I never got round to putting stuff into it this year. Have I become complacent? No, I don’t mean to look down upon an uncurated photo exhibition. After all, I am still and without a doubt an amateur. But somehow the summer break has made me lazy. I simply couldn’t get my act together and apply for a spot in the HG – even though I had three prints ready for putting up in there.

Looks familiar? It’s one of my recent series of long exposure experiments. The sort of stuff that was only a fun way of passing the time rather than a serious project with a large canon of theoretical deliberation and big-worded artistic expression of intent behind it. And therefore acceptable for a group show that lays no claim to artistic perfection.

I did go to the opening of the Homeless Gallery, however, because a number of my friends had images in there. Danuta Stawarz was showing her Book Project, Alan Bennett had some beautiful b/w images in there, Cindy Morrissey showed more from her coast project, and Marta Watus displayed a new project, too.

But to be honest, I felt the whole show was overkill. There was just too much to look at. While I loved the variety of the forms of presentation, I certainly did not have enough patience to look at anything for more than in passing. Some of it, I already knew from previous exhibitions I have been at this summer. And that made me wonder whether it is a good idea to “pimp” out the same project again and again and again. Not that I am any better – I’ll show my “Tracing Mainie” images for the third time this summer in the “Four Floors” exhibition at the MadArt Gallery.

Frankly, I am sick of my pics at this stage. Have seen them far too much, overkill of another type. My attention span is not exactly long… Showing the same stuff over and over again looks limiting and limited, plus it is difficult to garner support from friends and family if they have already seen the images in another show. Better get started on something new. Toodeeloo…

Any Comments?

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