“Clean your finger before you point at my spots”

Dang! Four and a half months in, and marky Mark is on its way to becoming a spotty teenager. I am horrified to have just noticed a big spot on all my recent images. Like this one, taken from inside the skylight of my house.
Spot pretty much in the middle of the photo, shot at f22.
Or rather “clean your sensor, before you point at my spots”, as Benjamin Franklin might have said, had he lived to see modern-day digital cameras. (Um, or any camera at all, he died before photography was invented, actually.) But I am rather surprised at the sudden appearance of this spot on the sensor. It is not on the lens – I have changed my ways and am meticulous about keeping the lens cap on after every use of marky Mark. And I have barely changed lenses, too. So it must be on the sensor – which gets automatically cleaned every time you switch the 5d2 off. But where the hell does the dust come from, if I don’t open the body of the 5d2???
Has anyone got any suggestions for cleaning the sensor or should that strictly only be done by the professionals? I am rather reluctant to fumble in there and risk damaging the sensitive technology. I guess, I am going to have to shoot with large apertures from now on – that way, the spots do not show up.

Any Comments?

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