What’s next???

What’s next??? I keep wondering that myself. I should be bloody busy here – doing prep work for next year in college, practicing photography, organising for the next exhibitions and researching a few projects I have up my sleeve. But I am enjoying the lull of the break. I have been so “lulled” in fact, that I have found it very hard to complete the 31 days project that the Friends of Analog started a month ago. And yet I should feel motivated. 
The last month has been eventful for the Friends. We had our 24 themes project finally up on a public wall at the eleven+ exhibition last week. And secondly we were extremely chuffed to be featured in a magazine with our 24 themes. deinblick, a bimonthly magazine with international focus, dedicated two double spreads to us, showed the grid in its entirety and also picked some highlights from the individual photographers. The spreads were really nicely designed and the fact that individual exposure was given to the photographers, satisfies our egos is an added bonus.
deinblick #4, June/July 2011
For anyone who is interested in photography and/or is looking for a way to start getting noticed published, I would suggest you have a look at the mag. The concept of the magazine is innovative and new: Editor Chris Schiebel sets a topic for each upcoming issue of deinblick and asks the readership for submissions. These can be photographic or in written form – or a combination of both. The editorial team then sifts through the submissions and chooses the best ones for inclusion in the mag. Getting published in deinblick is a great stepping stone – and it doesn’t cost you anything. It is truly international with articles appearing in English and the mothertongue of the writer. The magazine is printed on high quality paper and has a very pleasing, uniform design. And all that for € 5.00 per issue (including postage). A true collector’s item, actually. You can check it out at deinblick.com or on Facebook. Issue # 5’s topic is “wanderlust”, so dig out all your travel photos and submit something NOW! That’s an order!!!
So, now that I have convinced myself how truly great the Friends of Analog are, I shall finish up the current project and take the last two images remaining on my roll of film. Hopefully, we will have as interesting a result as in strike one of the Friends of Analog. After all, my sitting room wall is empty and needs to have something displayed on it, soon!

Any Comments?

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