eleven+ Exhibition

Today is the big day! For the last while we have been busy organising an exhibition in Filmbase, a venue right in the centre of Dublin. Today’s opening is the culmination of several weeks’ work of planning, communicating and executing the plans. And hopefully it will be as good as it looks 😉
The exhibition comprises the work of 15 independent photographers, some from the current BA class (2nd year) in Griffith College, some from last year’s Diploma class in GCD. The reason we are exhibiting together is that we took part in the “Friends of Analog Photography” project in March this year, which will also be exhibited in the same show.
The works exhibited range from original family portraits via landscape photography and documentary all the way to more concept based projects, like the one you can see in the image above. It is Karen Tierney’s project “lenticular”, beautiful macro shots of contact lenses on plants. (In the background you may recognise my own project “Tracing Mainie” in there, too.)
The pictures are all well hung (*fnarrfnarr*), we are ready to rock, basically. All that is missing is YOU – our audience. So come along tonight for the official opening at 7 pm, Filmbase, Curved St, Temple Bar, Dublin.
13 – 19 June 2011

4 thoughts on “eleven+ Exhibition

  1. Seth

    Hey Sonja,
    Well done with the exhibition. It's good that you got a more central gallery – more people are likely to see the work.

    Here's the link for the London place:
    They were running a lith workshop but I can't see it in the schedule now. There are a lot more though.


  2. Sethasaurus

    Sorry I didn't stay long but I'd had a long day. It's always good to see new stuff though!

    I'm slowly building up some new work – some for a show and some for a book to sell when I get to the states (I've been planning that for a while!).

    Are you still doing some wet-plate photos? If you count me in, I'd be happy to help cover the cost, etc.
    I'm also going to get some liquid emulsion and use it to do some electro-etching on brass plates.


  3. Sonja

    Haven't done the wet plate experiments yet. Doing that with a friend, but building up all the materials/chemicals is pricy and takes time. Will definitely tell you about it once we start playing with it.



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