Lately I have become fascinated with night photography – and I had planned to catch some flight trails in the night sky on Saturday. What I hadn’t thought about was the fact that we are nearing midsummer and days are really long. Which means that there is only a short time when the sky is really dark while there are still flights going in and out of Dublin airport. So I scrapped my plans and looked at the clouds instead. 
Right, what you see there is the word cloud for 2picsaweek. The things I most frequently mention in this blog. Not a big surprise that photography and colour feature prominently. Or images and ISO. But Graham? Well, looks like I will have to credit him with some of the input here…

I created the word cloud in Wordle. It is really easy and cool – you simply copy and paste text into Wordle or you link to a blog, and it makes the word cloud for you. And even though it is not photography-related, I think it is worthy of mentioning here. After all – graphic design and photography share more than just the Greek root graph. We are talking about creating attractive visual experiences here, something to engage the viewer and to stimulate the mind. The word cloud literally spells it out. It certainly is helping me see, whether I am on the right track with my blog – am I talking about photography stuff enough or is this just exhibitionism??? It seems it is not – but never mind Graham…

Any Comments?

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