On To The Next Project

I have had a bit of a lull in terms of my own photography for the last while. Or more precisely: I haven’t taken a decent shot ever since before my last college exam exactly two weeks agoAt least not with marky Mark but only with the iPhone.


However, it is time to start on the next project. And luckily The Friends of Analog Photography are onto the next thing. After the success of our 24 themes project we are now doing another group exercise which will hopefully culminate in yet another visually striking group display. 

The subject this time is to document a whole month by taking a picture a day. We are less prescriptive with format and film, so that the participants can choose between b/w and colour, 35mm and 120mm, and landscape or portrait orientation. The only stipulation is to shoot film and to do so once a day.

Seeing that I still had a heap of b/w films sitting in my fridge, I have opted for monochrome. While remodeling my study I happened upon my cheap little Lomo camera, given to me by my photographer friend Karl Burke as a thank you for assisting him on a shoot. It’s a multilens affair like this, and I had not played with it so far, so here is my chance. However, chance it I do not want to. So I am concurrently shooting with my trusted old Canon eos 500n. That essentially means two images a day. No, I am not trying to cheat. (And if I were, I’d be clever enough not to announce it publicly!) Once the rolls are processed, I’ll see which film is usable.

Interestingly, I have found it quite hard so far to take my daily shots. I found it much easier to work through the 24 themes of our first analog project. This time it is all wide open – and I find it hard to apply myself to the hunt for an image without any chance of preparing in my head what I want to document that particular day. Cos look in the future I cannot. (What is it with me and jumbled up word order today???)

I am sure there is a lesson in that. What it is, I don’t know – but, hey, any lesson is good, I guess! Updates, soon!  

Any Comments?

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