3, 2, 1… launched!!!

If photography is about seeing, then ultimately it is also about letting see. What point is there to photography if you do not share with others what you have captured? And yet it is nerve-wrecking to put the fruits of your labours out there and open yourself up to commentary and criticism. Not to mention the stress of putting on and organising for an exhibition.

Photoworks exhibition

What you see up there is a panorama shot I took last night at the opening of the GCD 2nd year students’ end of year show. Taken very quickly on iPhone before the start of the evening’s proceeding, so you get a little idea of what was on show.

The day was busy. It started at 10 am with the hanging of the pictures – delayed by a day because of the current visit of the English Queen in Ireland (which is upsetting traffic in Dublin). With 22 contributors to this group show, there were a lot of pictures to be hung. I helped out for half the day and got about four different projects up on the wall.

The show started officially at 7 pm, but even before that there were people milling around, checking what the photographers had produced. The response to the exhibition was phenomenal – in my opinion. It got to the point where there were so many people in the room that you could hardly see the images on the wall. But hey, that is not a reason to complain but to be pleased with. And I think it is safe to say that the opening night was a great success.

An exhibition is always exciting, and this was the third show I have taken part in. But what really makes it special for me is when my friends and family follow my invites and attend a show. I was very happy to welcome several friends yesterday – so thank you for turning up and showing me your support that way! It is much appreciated – it is what I need, what I thrive on and what motivates me to go on with photography. If it wasn’t for your feedback, it wouldn’t make any sense for me!

So if you haven’t been there yet, hurry on down! The show displays a wide variety of photographic subject matter and techniques. So diverse that you actually need a lot of time to take it all in. Check it out! It is open all day today in La Catedral Studios, St Augustine Street, off Thomas Street, Dublin 2. Leave us a comment so we know you have been there!

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