Semester Over – busybusybusy

I am feeling like a pensioner here.With the obligations of college (almost) over for now (the one and only exam to sit this semester on Friday, 13th – please mark your calendar and keep your fingers firmly crossed for me, then), I am freeeeeeeeeeee! Except that all of a sudden there is so much to do – just like a pensioner retiring after 45 years of solid work. And where to start???
First up is preparing for an exhibition that I am taking part in. Together with my fellow 2nd year students from Griffith College Dublin, I am exhibiting work in a photography show entitled “photoworks”. This is due to take place in two week’s time in Dublin’s La Cathedral Studios. (Mark that in your calendars, too, please. Big opening night with booze and speeches – now, if that doesn’t entice you, what will?) While I have chosen my images, resized and post-produced them, there is still much to do.
For starters, I need to get my images printed. That means getting them to the printers in the right format. On time. Presentation of the images is another item on my to-do-list. Ever the miser, I need to present my contribution attractively, but inexpensively. A trip to the big blue furniture store might be on the cards, methinks – where all possible savings will be wasted on unnecessary knickknacks, no doubt – in order to procure some simple frames.
I have already designed and sent off my promotion postcards to the printers. TGTIV (Thank God there is Vistaprint.) Let’s hope they will return on time for leaving out at the exhibition! Otherwise my RLF (real life friends) will be flooded with self-referential postcard art for the next twenty years!!!
Apart from all that, I need to figure out how I will occupy myself photographically over the summer. Brainstorming for my final year projects is on the cards. A couple of projects are up my sleeve – my “light at night” experiments shall continue over the summer while I travel/travail in London, Germany and the South of France. I would like to experiment with fashion photography, too. And I am really excited about an upcoming experiment with Wet Plate Photography together with a friend.
For the moment I am in photography up to here. No time for urgent spring cleaning or tidy-up sessions. I’d rather like to fantasize about this:
Not for real, really!
 Share my dream 🙂 – see you there, soon.

Any Comments?

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