Matters of Technical Interest

Hey. Notice anything different? If not, you are either reading this through the rss feed or you are blind ;-). Yep, it was time for a little redesign on 2picsaweek. The blackness of my soul site was beginning to get to me, it just doesn’t fit this time of year. Something a little more bright was needed. And while I haven’t changed the general design of the blog, I have at least freshened up the background of 2picsaweek and intend to soften up a bit here. Yep, from now on it’s all love hearts and bunny rabbits on 2picsaweek!
“Soft” focus
Ok, no, just a joke. The redesign was actually part of another project. As part of my BA I had to design and build my own photographer’s website in Dreamweaver. Now, when it comes to use and application of any kind of tech programme, yours truly is not exactly at the forefront of prowess and progress. But, hey, minimalism rules! And therefore my brandnew website is simple and no-nonsense: A few bits of info, contact details and some picture galleries. There you have it. Ever the communicator, blogging is much more “my thing”, and so a link to 2picsaweek features on my website. To tie it all in, I wanted to match the design of the blog with the look of the website. Hence out went the black background, in came white and courier font. 
White, by the way, is the “colour” of choice when it comes to photographer’s websites. Let the images speak for themselves by placing them on a monochrome background. Or maybe we were brainwashed into using the same design principles? Go and check out my own and my fellow sufferers’ students’ websites.
Think this is an improvement? Lemme know!

Any Comments?

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