Pi(e)ling up the Pounds

Disgusting, bitter tasting, long lingering, much too expensive. That’s humble pie for you. Actually, I get it for free quite often. I am having another slice of it. And you can watch me eat it and gloat: It’s from an ND pie, actually… Yeeeeeeees, I concede defeat. I was wrong. ND filters have a right to exist. And I was rash in pronouncing them unnecessary. I sooo could have done with one yesterday!

Boats in Dun Laoghaire Harbour

The table was truly set for me. I was wrong clueless on so many levels, I should really eat a whole photography humble pie. The weather being bright and sunny, I decided to go out to Dun Laoghaire pier and practice a bit. I packed the gear, even brought the 70-300mm lens, and grabbed the tripod on the way out. I lugged the latter all the way to the harbour and onto the pier, telling myself, I would play around with some long exposures of the waves on the rocks.

The first slice of pie: I should have known the weather conditions were far too bright for a play with long exposures! Photography is logical, and here is the theory behind it: It was bright and sunny. In order to get a long exposure, I needed to balance it out with the aperture set at the highest f-stop I could get. But that didn’t do the trick; with f22 I was still at 1/125 of a second, even at ISO 100.

The second slice (and the bitterest tasting, really): The only thing that could’ve given me darker conditions in which to set the shutter speed really slow (apart from some dark clouds), is a bloody ND filter. *arrrrrrgh* And that’s one of the things I ridiculed the other day when I was in ranting mode. So gimme the ND filter, I’ll even wear the anorak!

Slice 3 –  What’s the point of lugging a tripod around when you have no need to shoot at slow shutter speed (hence need a steady camera)? The sea was as calm as a millpond. No dramatic waves crashing picturesquely onto rocks. Should’ve checked the wind before I brought out the tripod. Yeah, I looked important, casually carrying my big tripod *haha*, but that was about the only benefit I could get. And only from those not in the know.

I really have to cut down on humble pie-eating. I’ll be non-controversial from now on. And I’ll wear that anorak to hide the humble pie slices, pi(e)ling up!

Any Comments?

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