Put up or Shut up!

Right, I have got to get out of the habit to rant – as much as I enjoyed my “obstinacy week”, last week. But it seems as if I have alienated a portion of my readership at this stage, with my nasty comments about nerd potential and gizmo addiction.

Put up or shut up, Sonja! I went to a photography trade fair yesterday. (Yes, nerd city, and me a citizen of that, of course.) This being Ireland, it was not a fair on the scale of the Photokina. Unfortunately. There were a number of businesses represented which showed their latest products from areas like post-production software, camera equipment or general photography supplies. As usual, the men-women-ratio was rather unfairly divided with about 85% of the visitors carrying a Y-chromosome. Not that I mind that – I was not in search of a hen party, I was there for the photography. But I was slightly put out by what happened to me and my friend and fellow student J___.

Ok, picture these two women ambling through the fair. Me carrying my camera bag, but marky Mark not on show. My blasphemous “I am unimpressed with Nikon”-bag over the shoulder. We are walking around, when this man, wielding a big camera, more or less jumps into our path. “Ladies, would you like a free make-over?” “Ehm, do we need one???” “Please have a free make-over.” “No, isn’t that going to take too long?” “Ah, it’ll only take 20 minutes.” “Ah, we don’t know…” “Please, have a make-over!” And *bang* he pushed J___ behind the stall onto the stool into the make-up artist’s hands. – Doubtful result of the “make-over” aside: Maybe I am overly sensitive here, and/or maybe I am still that feminist shotgun dame of my radical youth, but I felt that we were being labelled as “photographers’ girlfriends – need some entertainment at boring trade fair that they are accompanying hubbies to”. *graaaaaaaaaah* How come your man didn’t ask a man to be made over?

Anyway, we attended a couple of seminars on product photography and portrait lighting that were quite interesting. A good few notes were taken and some things will have to be checked out. So the € 10 entrance fee was not altogether lost.

I am not back-pedalling on what I said last week, but I do have to eat a couple of slices of humble pie, too. I admit, that some gadgets I’ve seen I am actually quite interested in. No, not the ND 10 😛 – but I would actually like to experiment with an infrared filter. If I ever find the time…

Any Comments?

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