The Anorak Potential

Interesting, interesting! My little rant from Monday – PMS-induced as I now know *ggg* – has received more attention (via social networking) than any other post before. Is that what people want? “Controversial” opinions, offensive views, opinionated rants? Ha, I can give you that, no problem. Let’s see if I can cause a controversy with this little gem of personal opinion: photography is for gadget nerds and tech anoraks!

That obviously and totally excludes me, of course. (I haven’t worn an anorak since 1983.) I am happy if I shoot a nice pic. Don’t give me your extra-gadgetry! ND filter for long exposures in daylight? Unnecessary! A normal long exposure will do the same trick, and even take less time. Fish-eye lens? Gimme a break! For the three times in a photographer’s life that you want that, you can just as well use Photoshop to create the effect. It’s cheaper, too. A white balance filter? *deepsigh* come OOOOON! There is a handy little button on your camera for setting the right white balance. Just get into the routine of setting it every time you shoot.

A nice long exposure, perfectly shot WITHOUT an ND filter!

Seriously, now – the anorak dimension of photography is frightening! I must point out, however, that the potential for intricate technical discussion usually comes from the anorak-wearing… eh… Y-chromosome-bearing part of the photography crowd. I do not recall ever discussing FEL settings, parallax errors, spherical aberrations and reciprocity laws with my female photographer friends. Don’t get me wrong – I know what all that means (test me!), but I don’t take much of an interest in that. Different ways of operating, eh?

Right, that concludes today’s rant.Waiting now with bated breath whether I have suitably excited some of my readers.

DISCLAIMER: The statements contained in this posting are entirely based on fictitious events. None have been elicited by actual events and/or experiences in the author’s own private life. *phew*

2 thoughts on “The Anorak Potential

  1. Simon

    “There is a handy little button on your camera for setting the right white balance. Just get into the routine of setting it every time you shoot.”
    Excuse me? Who's idea was it to change the white balance setting to Fluorescent or tungsten to give more vibrance to the shot? That's right, the chromosome bearing part of this particular photography crowd. Tut tut tut, how quickly we forget!! :))


  2. Sonja

    Nice to see I am getting a response to the provocative rant. Knew it! *dumdeedum*
    Otherwise: *ehm* yes. But at least I had it on the right setting at first. And I didn't need to fiddle with an awkward filter.
    Note the disclaimer 😛



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