No Tolerance!

Arrrrgh! It’s time for a little rant. (I’m on a little endorphine high, so the adrenaline wants to match that…) Don’t you hate those people who make a fuss because they don’t want to be in a photograph? Arrrrgh, again. Ok, seriously, no, I don’t hate people like that, but I am developing a strong sense of no tolerance for those superficially shy people. Rather than being modest, they are only drawing even more attention to themselves by their behaviour.

Before I alienate any of my friends: This is not about anyone that I know personally, but comes as a reaction to my latest assistance experience. The scene was a professional shoot in a service business. We were taking shots of a public area that is manned by staff. And the shoot was delayed by unnecessary discussions with staff about being or not being in the shot. I have noticed this kind of thing before. You pull out a camera, and a number of people immediately start kicking up a fuss. “Oooh, you are not getting my face!” Come on, people, get a grip, that’s nothing but vanity!

To tell you the truth, I can even sympathise with that. The camera doesn’t love me, either (which is one of the reasons why I have chosen to work behind the camera *ggg*). Some people will always look fantastic on camera, others tend to be caught with their eyes half-shut, mouth gaping in mid-sentence, belly fat sticking out under the clothes. I am that kind of sitter. But I realised a while ago, that there is nothing more annoying than someone throwing a tantrum because they don’t want to be in a picture. So I have given up all resistance and have resigned myself to the fact that I look crap in photos. However, the least I can do is not to ruin the shoot for the photographer and the willing participants.

Here’s someone who is loved by the camera…

And as a bit of reassurance, I’d like to finish with this: Nobody – and least of all professional photographers – wants to deliberately make people look ugly in their photographs. The opposite is the case (unless you are Pol Pot or Stalin or Hitler). So relax, people, get into the frame, stop kicking up a fuss. Have your picture taken often, so you can find what is called the Schokoladenseite in German – your best side. And then arrange yourself surreptitiously at your preferred angle and look gorgeous!


7 thoughts on “No Tolerance!

  1. Cindy

    I am so with you on this one – glad someone finally said (written) it out loud! What I think is even worse is when people make a fuss and don't realize that the photo that could have turned out “naturally beautiful” ends up in “half a head missing because it's hiding behind something or someone” followed by a stiff pose. People need to stop being weird for the sake of being weird.


  2. Sonja

    Ha! Being weird? Being vain! Honestly – I love photography, but there is more to life than looking good in a picture. Graaaah! Anyway, glad that I am not alone with my little gripe, here.


  3. Sabrina

    Oh Sonja. You are so right about this;) A shame you are not in Barcelona. Otherwise I would love you to take our wedding pics and to find our Schokoladenseiten. And as I know our guests they wouldn't mind at all to be in the middle of the foto;)


  4. Sonja

    When are you in Dublin again, Sabrina? If it suits both our schedule we could have a little studio shoot with you two lovebirds :-). I am always glad when I meet people who are NOT camera-shy!


  5. Schnattchen's Blog

    Love it 🙂 And I can see where you are coming from 😉 I also was never keen on getting my pictures taken but with a camera and photo addict family I have no choice now a days…and Phoebe will certainly not become a shy girl… 😉 she loves the camera and particulary the technology around this subject already!


  6. Sonja

    Katja – I have no idea why you are not keen on having your picture taken. You are truly and honestly one of the most photogenic people I know! Seriously. So, sheeeeesh, and sit for me again 🙂
    And I hope that the “photogenie” runs in the family and my little goddaughter will remain a willing model. I might need her 🙂


  7. Sabrina

    Unfortunately had to re-schedule our trip. Wanted to come in june but it might be neccesary to squeeze in one more DE visit because of all the wedding paper stuff:( Hopefully we can make it in september or so but we will let you know for sure;)



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