The "Friends of Analogue Photography", Strike One

There is only one shutter release button, one viewfinder on a camera. And there is only one point of view for each individual photographer. For the “social animals” among us, photography can be such a lonely business! Here we are, “hiding” behind our hardware, interpreting the world around us through our lens, and most often than not, noone else sees what we produce. (Unless you keep an exhibitionist platform… eh… blog, yourself :-))

Now, I have always been a strongly social person. I thrive on the exchange of ideas with other people, the challenge of matching up to other’s expectations and standards, and I love the sharing of knowledge and ideas. I am very lucky that I have met a lot of people in college over the last year and a half who seem to be similar in that respect. We gelled as a group and continue to communicate about photography outside of college. (You know who you are, guys and girls – a big, sentimental hug to all of you!) Today I want to show off what we produced in a little project that I instigated recently.

The Project:
The objective of the project was to shoot one 24 exposure colour film. Each participant had to supply two topics/themes to the group. A final list of 24 topics was given to each participant. Therefore each participant had exactly one shot to interpret each of the 24 themes on his/her roll of film. The picture format was to be landscape.

The Background:
“The Friends of Analogue Photography” got together because we had all studied for a Diploma in Photography last year, and we all agreed that we loved our first semester when we had to shoot only with film. All of us shoot digitally on a regular basis. And almost exclusively – for all the obvious advantages of digital photography. But film has its advantages, too. The fact that you need to think and prepare and plan your individual shots so much more in order to avoid film wastage, usually produces much better results in film photography. So we came up with a project that would force us to practice our film-abilities – in a fun way.

The Presentation:
After three weeks of shooting the 24 themes, the group got back together with their prints. In order to achieve a uniform look, all images had been printed in 6×4 format. The images were then hung on the wall, creating a grid with every theme resulting in one column, while each line would show the images of one photographer. That way we were able to compare the different interpretations of each theme in the corresponding column, while placing each photographer’s complete project in a line enabled us to spot the different “styles” of photography.

So without any further ado, here is our final “wall”:

And I will disregard the programme and title of this blog this week and actually display more than just one image in this post in order to give a bit more insight into this project:
A closer look at some of the results:
And finally the participants via a self-portrait:
Apart from the social aspect, the project has been inspiring and creative. All participants put a lot of care into their submissions. And we all agreed that the analogue project eventually took precedence over college or work obligations.  
I sincerely hope that this was not the last time we have worked together. 
What do you think?

Any Comments?

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