PS, I’m Beginning to Love You

Never thought I would feel this, let alone write this. I am beginning to get into Photoshop. *shock horror* Maybe my dislike for it is really a deeply rooted fear that I might just not be able to get my head around the tool? There’s nothing to it but trying. I have messed around a bit with calculations and present you with another shot from last weekend’s fetish shoot.

Maybe I should have kept the Manhattan in the glass red. On the other hand, I find those partially coloured images kind of corny. In any case, I like the shot in b/w for a change. A red sofa is just a little bit too cheerful for a shot of this type.
On the subject of “this type of photography”: No sooner had I uploaded a couple of close-ups of the heels onto Flickr, I received immediate reactions to them in my stream – from people with rather evocative aliases and avatars. Hm. What is it with heels? They are just shoes!!! 
Back to PS. As there are about 360 shots to go through, there will be quite a pool of images to practice PS on. I am starting with the basics again – as you do when you only use PS once in a blue movie… eh… moon. (Sorry, Dr Freud, the context here is making my attention slip.) Cropping, levels, curves, calculations. I think I will have to dig out my notes from first year in college to remember everything we learned about enhancing photos. If you have any pointers – welcome!

Any Comments?

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