First Outing

I took marky Mark on his first proper outing yesterday. And what a beautiful day it was for a photo excursion – a sunny winter day with clear, bright sunshine. I wandered more or less aimlessly around town, dropping into Trinity college on the way, then through Temple Bar where the annual Trad Fest was on and finally ended up in Dublin Castle together with my Friend in Photography, A___. Lots of photo-worthy vistas along the way, so what to show you today???

No doubt about it, there is a voyeur in any photographer. I admit to it – I love hiding behind my camera while of course looking at other people or things through the lens. Just as much as I like the fleeting peek through illuminated windows when walking home in the evening.

Strolling home after my afternoon’s shooting excursion, I walked straight onto the above scene. The painter was so perfectly silhouetted against the window, I simply had to pull out the camera – by then safely stored and wrapped in bag – and capture this. The window frames against the brickwork gives a nice contrast, as does the warm light of the inside against the bare branches of the Virginia Creeper outside.

Thanks to 21 million Pixels, I can now crop to my heart’s content – and have done that in this image. I could possibly also have played around with the ISO a bit more, now that I know how to extend the ISO range (thanks, S___).

Anyway, from my point of view a promising start with marky Mark.

Any Comments?

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