Easy Lover

Forgive me my reference to bad 80s pop, but the title of the post is more than apt. He is an easy lover, my new gallant aka “marky Mark” aka 5D Mark 2. Yes, he stepped into my life on Monday and I am already won over by his smooth ways. Nonetheless he needs a little bit of getting used to – as everything new does.

*eeeek* How come there is already dust gathering on marky Mark???

There are enough reviews of this great camera out there, so I won’t go into the tech details here. (As if…) These are just a couple of personal observations upon making myself acquainted with my 5D2. First impression: Quite a heavy lover. Well, I knew that from handling the 5D2 before buying it. Nonetheless, I can see that slow-hand Sonja won’t be quite so slow with this baby anymore. I used to push shutter speed to 1/30 of a second on a regular basis. (Rule of thumb is not too attempt hand-held shots at anything slower than 1/60!) No chance with marky Mark, he makes me tremble! I guess some biceps training is in order.

I am generally a “learning by doing”-gal, but when it comes to cameras I learnt a lesson once taught to me by a tutor in a photography course in The Gallery of Photography in Dublin. He said about learning to shoot with your camera, “Sit down with a glass of wine and read the manual!” Bottle of wine more like, when it comes to a 5D2. (250 pages in small print *hmph*) So I sat down and studied with camera in hand – and nearly failed at the first hurdle. I am less than enamoured with the way you set the aperture in the 5D2. I had been looking for that little button to press when making the settings – as in my old 350D. No such button. I had to search in the manual to finally figure out that you have to move that little on and off switch to the third setting and then turn the wheel on the back with your thumb. *hm* Not that easy to do that blind while you have one eye on the viewfinder. Plus, a heavy camera like that is not that easy to hold when you are fiddling with switches with one thumb…

I have the sneaking suspicion that the camera was designed with men in mind. It is quite a bulky affair – bulkier than my slender sweet 350D. The buttons are not too far apart for the various fingers. But far enough to make it slightly more difficult for women. And the switch is the wrong way round for easy manipulation while looking through the viewfinder. (Or are you meant to use the left thumb? *thinks*) I don’t like that but I sure will (have to) get used to that.

I haven’t tried the video settings at all yet. To tell you the truth, I am not really interested in that, anyway. But hey, once I progress to that chapter in the manual, I shall plough on and give it a go.

Off to some dumbbell training now…

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