Music was my first love

Ok, I admit. Photography was not my first love. Music was. It still plays a huge part in my life – I listen to music all the time, I sing, I dance, I love finding out what my friends recommend. I never leave the house without my current favourite music on the iPodPhone. (But neither do I leave the house without a camera, so there…). And there is nothing better than shooting a musician or doing a rock photography shoot, where my two loves combine…

Not so long ago I had the pleasure of taking pictures of a young musician. Marcin is a total Guitar God. Well, you guessed that from the image above – at least the guitar bit. Shooting with him was great fun, because it meant I could experiment with some nice strong light and different backgrounds. He was very clear about what he wanted – no phoney shots pretending he was playing the guitar when it is clear from the picture that it is shot in a studio situation. Photographic studio, that is. While the shot above is not necessarily usable for him – I chopped his head off *hehe* – this is still one of my favourite images of that shoot.

It took me a while to warm up to my role as the “director” of the shoot. Ordering around other people does not come easily to me. (Who is that giggling in the background??? Seriously, I do find it hard to tell others what to do!!) But when shooting portraits that is exactly what the photographer has to do. “Turn this way!” “Look at me!” “Put your chin up a bit!” “Look a bit more aggressive!” It certainly helps when you are not shooting your friends!!! By the end of this particular session I had finally gotten into the groove and was able to tell my sitter what to do, which way to turn and what kind of look to put on his face.

The best way of learning this, however, is being the subject of a portrait shoot yourself. And observing how your photographer is handling the situation. I put myself into that position the other day – and it was a horrific uncomfortable experience. And one that has taught me more than what I have read in books or been taught in college. But that’s a story for another day…

Any Comments?

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