Endorphines rock!

Yesterday was a day of serious endorphine trips. The best legal mood enhancer there is. In my opinion. I am becoming quite the endorphine addict, I must say. Well, going for a run in the winter sun was one trip. But then I sent myself on an even better trip and one that will last much longer… I have finally upgraded my hardware and bought the Canon 5D Mark II!!!

And how did it happen, this major event? After all, buying a professional camera is so pricy, one doesn’t do it every day. Now, of course I had been thinking of buying a new camera for a while – and certainly since my lecturer in college nearly laughed out loud at me when he saw what I was shooting with up til now. It was clear from the beginning that I would stay with Canon, cos both (d)SLRs which I have owned so far were Canon. I am too old loyal to change to a different make (not mentioning names here now… dsssssssssssss). I am deludedly hoping to do more with my photography than just amateur snapping, so it had to be a (semi-)professional camera. Two cameras really caught my fancy – the 5D Mark II and the 7D. A big price difference between the two, we are talking € 1000!! Of course the 5D had higher specs – better image quality, 21 versus 18 MP, double the ISO of the 7D, and even a bit lighter than the 7D. What might have been handy was the inbuilt wide angle flash of the 7D.

What clinched the deal, however, was a photo shoot on Saturday. I was shooting with two friends who both have a 5D. I didn’t even bother take out my modest little 350D *haha* in the presence of the pro equipment. One of them let me handle and shoot with his camera. And I was immediately won over (apart from the weight of the camera – considerably more than the 350D, almost double!) – great big display (handy for short-sighted people like me), more or less intuitive menu (no comments!!!, A___ and S___ if you are reading this :-)). I don’t know, it just felt right. (Is that a really girly way of deciding on a camera?? Ach, who cares if it is.)

So essentially I couldn’t get the baby out of my head after that. And, heck, I need it anyway. The price, yes, the price. It didn’t come down however much I searched online for the best deal. Saw some tempting offers on eBay but was equally un-tempted by buying something from an unknown source. Eventually I got as far as putting the 5D Mark II into my “shopping cart” on one reputable website. I lingered, and lingered, and lingered. The money!!! But then I quickly sold my children into slave labour and just clicked “buy”.

The endorphines have been cruising through my bloodstream ever since. And I can’t wait until I finally hold him (I’ve decided it is a “he”) in my hands. Buzzzzzzzzzzz…

3 thoughts on “Endorphines rock!

  1. Sonja

    Hey Kevin – thanks so much for commenting :-). Any hints and tips for mk II novices??? Judging from your photographs on your blog, the jump was no problem for you! Great stuff there!


  2. Kevin

    My only tip would be to play with it, try out different modes, get familiar with the layout of the controls and so on. The camera is just a tool, so you need to know how to use it! After that it's all down to getting out and about with it.
    I remember it took me a little while to get used to the new layout, but it's worth spending time with it. The difference in image quality is outstanding!



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