Wishing on a Star

A couple of weeks after my initial post, 2picsaweek is now finally online. Noone was more disappointed than yours truly that technical difficulties delayed further blogging until now. So “ad astra” (to the stars) now!

And quite literally! December 13 is the day night for you stargazers out there. Meteorite showers are going to fill the night sky with shooting stars, leaving trails which are discernible even to the naked eye. If that isn’t enough, you can also spot Jupiter just below the Moon (no, this is not a musical, it is astronomy).

I would love to go out and catch some star trails with my camera. But weather and city living is preventing me from that. Ever tried catching star trails? No, that doesn’t mean you hire Soyus II and make for the moon. You simply place yourself and your camera out in the wild and away from city lights, point your lens at the stars and set maximum shutter speed. In order to get a proper impression of the stars moving (or rather: your camera and  yourself moving on the rotating Earth), you need a good few hours, plenty of battery capacity and a hip flask of Whiskey! A bit of nice company with plenty to talk about might also help pass the time. The results are magical: curved light trails in a dark sky.

Mind you, the only stars I have lately caught on camera are the ones above, taken recently at Christmas market in Germany. They are quite beautiful themselves – their only drawback: you can’t really wish upon them…


Any Comments?

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