Two Pics A Week…

… is title and programme of this blog. The concept is easy: I will be posting two pictures a week – all my own work: experiments that went spectacularly wrong or were satisfyingly successful, images which are subjectively noteworthy, fun captures and personal highlights. All of them will be accompanied by my private ramblings musings, mainly on photography, but also on life in general.

So who am I? I am a photographer and journalist, currently studying for a BA in photography. Writing this blog is giving me the opportunity to combine my two great passions for photography and writing. Creativity is my middle name, so to speak 😉 , but I also answer to Sonja. I write this blog from Dublin, Ireland, but am not an Irish colleen but a German Fräulein Frau.

I would love to hear back from you, readers – with suggestions, applause, criticism. Well, maybe not on this posting – not much to comment on here. But I’ll give you my first picture for 2picsaweek – an image that is meant to describe the current situation: snowed in in Dublin.

More pics soon!

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